Day: February 24, 2022

Investment stories

The submarine cable is a game changer

By Andrew-Eves Brown, Head of Economic Development at Sunshine Coast Council As published in My Weekly Preview’s first B2B feature*. Thursday 24 February 2022. The submarine […] Read More
Why Sunshine Coast

A story of growth

Over the past 15 years, economic growth on the Sunshine Coast has outperformed almost every other regional economy, sparking a wave of new residential, office and retail development. Read More
Why Sunshine Coast

Prime location

The Sunshine Coast has excellent access to national and international networks, which means supply lines and distribution networks are well assured and it is easy to stay connected. Read More
Why Sunshine Coast

Competitive business conditions

The Sunshine Coast's low business costs make the region a highly cost-effective place to operate, with operating costs that are lower than state averages. Read More