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The Sunshine Coast – The Natural Advantage: Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 was developed in 2013 to provide a 20-year vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth in the region. 

See below for more information about the strategy.


$13.8 billion economy

59,000 employment opportunities in high value industries

13.6% of goods and services produced for export outside the region

Household income levels 22.3% below the state average


$33 billion economy

100,000 employment opportunities in high value industries

20% of goods and services produced for export outside the region

Household income levels above the state average

Growth economy

Since the development of the REDS, Sunshine Coast Council has been driving infrastructure investment, urban development, population growth, innovation and the nurturing of high value industries.

As a result, the Sunshine Coast economy has undergone a period of significant growth and diversification.

The region has grown from a $13.8 billion economy in 2013 to an economy worth $18.5 billion in 2022. [Based on Gross Regional Product (GRP) reported by, Sunshine Coast Region]

Building on the success of Implementation Actions commenced since 2013, the following priorities are set for delivery by 2023 under the REDS Implementation Plan 2019-2023 [5.85MB].

    • Strong economic leadership and collaboration between government at all levels, industry and the community
    • A recognised, competitive regional identity
    • Secure investment in the region's infrastructure and other project priorities
    • Support high value industries to expand activities, job opportunities and connectivity to markets and supply chains
    • Promoting cross-sector collaboration and engagement on key initiatives and projects
    • Promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, research and digital connectivity
    • Positioning the Sunshine Coast in key national and global markets
    • Supporting local businesses to respond and adapt to market change and opportunity
    • Developing, attracting and retaining a suitably skilled workforce
    • A regional education and training offering that aligns to the demands of the changing economy

A summary of the implementation plan is also available: REDS Implementation Plan 2019-2023 SUMMARY [5856KB].

Sunshine Coast Council worked with leading businesses, industry and the Queensland Government to develop the Sunshine Coast - The Natural Advantage: Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 [5.95MB].

The strategy was designed to provide a 20-year vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth to 2033. The aim is to ensure the region actively participates in the global economy and delivers the best possible lifestyle and opportunities for both residents and businesses.

Our seven high value industries:

    1. Aviation and aerospace
    2. Health and wellbeing
    3. Clean technologies
    4. Food and agribusiness
    5. Tourism, sport and leisure
    6. Knowledge industries and professional services
    7. Education and research

Fundamentally, the REDS provides a clearly articulated strategy for the transformation of the region’s economy over 20 years, focussing on the following objectives.

    • Lift the identity of the Sunshine Coast as an ideal investment and business location
    • Deliver significant capital investment in region shaping infrastructure projects
    • Expanding and growing the mix of enduring employment opportunities in high-value industries
    • Drive greater connectivity between the Sunshine Coast economy and business community with national and global markets
    • Strengthen the ongoing investment and focus on talent and skills to provide the labour force pipeline that the region’s new economy will require

The REDS Implementation Report Card [9.6MB] was produced to highlight achievements in the first five year implementation plan as of 2017.

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