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Sunshine Coast business, The AVR Lab, is leading the way in delivering augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) solutions to organisations across Australia.

The cutting-edge technologies being used will digitise processes and enhance real-time collaboration, allowing on-site workers to work with their remote counterparts with greater agility.

The AVR Lab offers intelligent wearable products for a wide range of sectors, from smart glasses for knee surgery or automotive to specialised wearables to improve maintenance efficiency in the mining industry.

With its world-leading Smart City Framework, the Sunshine Coast is the location of choice for The AVR Lab to test new and emerging mixed reality wearables and technologies.

The Maroochydore City Centre offers a range of cutting-edge solutions in demand by today’s tech leaders including WiFi 6, an International Undersea Broadband Network, LoRaWAN wireless network access points and multi-function pole infrastructure.

This makes the Sunshine Coast CBD the perfect place for innovative businesses like The AVR Lab to test new technologies in a real-world environment.

High-performing digital connections

Australia’s top AR / VR and MR solutions provider

Image: AVR Lab RealWear augmented reality headsets

The AVR Lab is Australia’s premier provider for leading brands in the wearable AR, VR and MR space including RealWear, Vuzix and TeamViewer Frontline. The turnkey hardware and software improves safety and profitably, enabling organisations to use these powerful tools to capacity.

From its offices on the Sunshine Coast, The AVR Lab leverages Maroochydore’s digital infrastructure to test its portfolio of solutions on the latest data networking services.

As leaders in a space that relies on high-performing digital connections to operate, The AVR Lab is the perfect partner to trial the new assets built into the Maroochydore CBD.

A purpose-built smart city

Maroochydore’s CBD on the Sunshine Coast features some of the most advanced technology and unique digital assets available in Australia and the world. It is truly a state-of-the-art location! Highlights include as follows. 

Companies wanting to test their tech in a real-world environment can contact Sunshine Coast Council’s Investment Attraction team to discuss their project under the Testing Tech in Paradise program. This unique offeriing povides the opportunity to gain access to a landing pad, one-stop shop Investment Concierge Service and a dedicated account manager. Contact us to find out more.

Case study: Testing Tech in Paradise

In partnership with Sunshine Coast Council, The AVR Lab ran a pilot program designed to test new techniques and processes for field equipment audits.

“The AVR Lab tested our technology on a WiFi 6 network for the first time using the infrastructure in Maroochydore’s Smart CBD,” said Caroline Patton, CEO and Co-founder of The AVR Lab.

The program, ‘Testing Tech in Paradise: The Connected Worker’, involved field technicians using The AVR Lab recommended RealWear augmented reality headsets to identify underground infrastructure within the city centre.

The headsets allowed technicians to automatically log activities in a remotely hosted asset management system. The trial used the Maroochydore City Centre WiFi 6 network and the TeamViewer SaaS Platform to run a specified digital workflow.

“Being able to leverage WiFi 6 meant higher performance and lower latency resulting in lower downtime,” Patton shared.

In addition to improving productivity and operation times, the trial showcased how businesses could rethink recruitment and field operations. Normally, three workers would be sent on-site to conduct manual inspections and log results in a remotely hosted asset management system.

Leveraging the WiFi 6 network, the MR wearables and automation processes built into the software, only one person was required on-site to conduct inspections and log the relevant data. The on-site technician accessed support from a remote colleague via a shared field of vision that allowed real-time communication through the “see what I see” functionality.

Want to know more about testing and trialing your technology on the Sunshine Coast?

Business benefits of augmented reality

The pilot highlighted opportunities for businesses to gain a competitive advantage by using AR, VR and MR to reduce labour costs, manage risk and minimise downtime. The productivity gains can support an increase in productivity and profitability, curb challenges with recruitment and help businesses enter new markets faster.

“Start-ups and small businesses can invest in technology to work smarter,” shared Caroline. “The right tech can be a pivotal differentiator in such a dynamic market.”

There are countless use cases for assisted reality with relevant applications in virtually any industry. The AVR Lab helps businesses to use assisted reality solutions to solve a range of problems including leveraging highly skilled workers, digitising field services and optimising safety.

Leveraging highly skilled workers

Augmented reality can allow highly skilled individuals to support numerous workers across multiple remote sites through a virtual connection.

According to Jobs and Skills Australia there is a shortage of skilled workers in Australia. The March 2023 Skills Shortage Quarterly Report called out a need for more Health Professionals, Construction Trades Workers and Personal Service Workers. AR can help to fill these gaps, reducing pressures on resourcing.

Digitising field services

The use of AR headsets and tailored software solutions can digitise and automate how field workers manage equipment and deliver services. Technology can increase technical response times and improve return to service time.

Creating safer work environments

Wearable AR technology enhances worker safety, especially in high-risk job sites synonymous with mines and construction sites. One AVR Lab Use Case demonstrated an increase in safety compliance by 70%. The tech allows workers to keep their gloves on, maintain three points of contact at all times, and focus on the environment.

Supporting the future of technology

The Sunshine Coast Testing Tech in Paradise program is open to forward-thinking organisations that wish to benefit from a real-world test environment.

As part of the pilot program, The AVR Lab reported the WiFi 6 was beneficial for trialling AR wearables and software. “Anybody who needs to leverage WiFi 6 can benefit from trialling the technology in real-world conditions. In trialling your technology, you will be able to determine how your systems can perform on a WiFi 6 network,” Patton said.

The pilot team also noted the super-fast data connection offered incredible benefits to businesses with international operations. The Sunshine Coast is the only regional location in Australia to offer such a unique point of difference.

The vibrant Sunshine Coast tech scene offers access to advanced connectivity and facilities as well as a supportive environment that will help organisations foster innovation and growth.

Caroline said The AVR Lab had a positive experience working with Sunshine Coast Council during the pilot. “It was seamless. We felt part of the family and we had amazing people involved from all parties.”

Download the Testing Tech in Paradise Whitepaper

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