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A Sunshine Coast business, Ambrose Building, is changing the insurance repair industry by using innovative technology to deliver the best and fastest repair experience possible.

As one of the largest players in Australia’s insurance property repair sector, the company manages upwards of 15,000 property repair claims a year.

To manage large job volumes, even during peak times caused by natural disasters, Ambrose Building uses bespoke apps and job management software to streamline the process and allow for automation and self-serve functionality.

The software has allowed Ambrose Building to reduce the average repair life cycle of a property from 60 days to 16 days. By completing repair jobs in a shorter period, it minimises any inconvenience for customers and allows them to get back to normal sooner.

Automation technology

A people-first approach to technology

Since its beginnings in 2008, the family-owned and operated company has put people and relationships at the heart of its operations, allowing it to grow to 140 staff, 2000 contractors and customers all across the length and breadth of Queensland.

While its philosophy is centred on creating great experiences for customers, trades, and staff and it is the company’s state-of-the-art technology that makes that possible.

Ambrose Building’s commitment to innovation led the business to develop its own software solutions from the ground up. The purpose-built software helps manage the entire end-to-end process faster and with greater efficiency through automation.

Automating manual, administrative tasks allows staff more time to focus on customers, reducing costs and keeping projects on track for fast completion.

The technology is a critical element driving business success in the dynamic environment of insurance repairs according to Managing Director, Brett Ambrose: “[Our technology] provides us with the stability to respond to 15,000 claims a year across Queensland and it gives us the speed and efficiencies that are needed to respond to large volumes of work in natural disasters.”

With 80,000 automated processes running each day the software has had a substantial impact on the speed and quality of the service that Ambrose Building provides to its customers.

Empowering customers and contractors

The bespoke applications developed by the Ambrose Building in-house technology team empower customers and contractors to access up to date information about the repair job in real-time from their computer or smart device on their own terms.

The Tradies App and Estimators App allow trades people and field staff to manage quoting, invoicing, ordering, and other administrative aspects of their work on the go. By providing contractors with the ability to send and receive critical information while on-site, the apps keep each repair project moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the customer side, Repair Hub is an online customer engagement portal that provides each customer with a convenient way to track the progress of their property repair. It is a single point of reference that allows customers to access all the information related to the repair claim including appointments, repair schedules, contact information, and paperwork.

It has a direct integration to the Ambrose Building Repair Management System which ensures the customer always have the most up to date information on hand.

The Ambrose Building team understands that modern customers want to engage with the repair process on demand and need to be able to access information when and how they want to.

InsurTech in the building repair space

A deep understanding of the customer and contractor experience gives Ambrose Building a unique perspective that sets their repair claims technology apart and makes them an increasingly influential partner in the space where property repair and InsurTech converge.

InsurTech was once a label used for the disruptive technology start-ups, taking on legacy insurance providers. More recently it has been used to define a collaborative ecosystem that connects adjacent industries to create value for insurers and a better experience for insurance customers.

The Ambrose Building success story offers valuable insight to entrepreneurs looking to break into the growing InsurTech space, or for anyone investing in technology to stand out in their industry.

As its moved from manila folders to modern technology, the business has kept its people at the heart of its operation.

Ambrose Building consider technology to be critical to the success of its business and is committed to long term investment in the innovative technology it uses to create the best repair experience possible.

Sunshine Coast is a hot spot for innovation

Established industry leaders like Brett Ambrose, who has been recognised as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year, are pillars of the Sunshine Coast’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The region has become one of Australia’s top locations for new and innovative players, not only because of the weather and lifestyle opportunities, but because of local investment in a robust business support network.

The region is the primary headquarters for innovative businesses from a range of industries including big brands like Youi Insurance, COYO and McCormick & Company that are headquartered on the Sunshine Coast. Organisations like Get Wines Direct, Telstra and Office HQ also have significant business operations in the area.

Named a Top7 Intelligent Community in 2019 and 2020 the region boasts world class technology and investment opportunities that make it an ideal location for high-growth companies and cutting-edge start-ups, alike.

Businesses with a global outlook will benefit from the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable that provides the fastest data connection point from east Australia to Asia.

The advanced telecommunications and data infrastructure available in the region rival any of Australia’s major cities, while the comprehensive network of programs to nurture business innovation through industry collaboration and mentorship is second to none.

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