Financial Incentives
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Sunshine Coast Council has developed a Business Investment Framework to secure targeted and suitable investment and reinvestment in the regional economy. The Business Investment Framework provides for a range of activities including a dedicated client manager in council for each investor and - for major investment proposals - potential access to an Investment Incentive Scheme.

The Sunshine Coast Investment Incentive Scheme seeks to assist in diversifying the regional economy, creating a platform for sustained economic growth and encouraging the creation of employment opportunities for the region.

The Sunshine Coast Investment Incentive Scheme is intended to encourage business investment by helping offset various relocation/establishment costs. Offers of incentives are conditional, subject to contractual agreements and require regular reporting to council.

Eligibility for assistance under the Sunshine Coast Investment Incentive Scheme will be in accordance with specific criteria which include (but are not limited to), industry sector, number of employment opportunities created and proposed capital expenditure.

Businesses seeking to invest or reinvest in the region should first contact the Head of Trade and Investment by email at or phone +61 407 753 645 for an initial consultation with an Investment Facilitator and to confirm eligibility prior to making an application.

Sunshine Coast Council looks forward to working with you to bring your investment to fruition.