• Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

To provide the business community with a single platform to access up-to-date demographic, sectoral and business data, Sunshine Coast Council has funded open public access to the® product for the Sunshine Coast region.® provides a comprehensive economic profile of a local government area, drawing on 11 different datasets to build a cohesive story of the areas local economy, how it is changing and how it compares to other areas.

The available data is structured around economic indicators, size, structure, industry comparisons, spatial economy, journey to work, self-containment, workforce profile, local labour force and local market, which assists you:

  • to understand the size of the local economy and how it compares to the region
  • investigate the industry structure of the local economy - what are the largest industries and how do they contribute
  • find local businesses and employment centres
  • explore workforce characteristics in specific industries and how they are changing
  • view commuters in the workforce - where are they coming from and going to
  • understand the labour pool and infrastructure available to new business.® compliments the® and® products also made available by Sunshine Coast Council, which provide a socio-demographic profile of the local government area and includes a powerful suite of online thematic maps.

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Community profiling intelligence Geographic intelligence Economic intelligence

A series of case based videos demonstrate how the use of demographic and economic information can give businesses a strategic edge.

The videos cover everyday business challenges, such as securing finance, targeting a marketing campaign and identifying the best location for a business outlet. As such, they provide a practical demonstration of how® and the other .id products can be easily used to access specific up-to-date community, industry and business data from eleven different data sources.

Saving Money on Business Finance

Targeting a Marketing Campaign

Identifying a New Business Location