REDS Implementation Plan 2019-2023
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Mar 2022
Since the development and implementation of the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) in 2013, the Sunshine Coast economy has already undergone a period of significant growth and diversification. The region has also experienced considerable population growth and urban development, and now proudly represents a regional economy worth more than $18.5 billion in Gross Regional Product (GRP).

The next five years 2019-2023

Building on the success of Implementation Actions commenced since 2013, the following priorities are set for delivery by 2023 and have been allocated a number of actions under each priority in the REDS Implementation Plan 2019-2023[5856KB].


 2019-23 PRIORITIES 

Leadership, Collaboration and Identity[1887KB]
  • Strong economic leadership and collaboration between government at all levels, industry and the community
  • A recognised, competitive regional identity
Capital Investment[2058KB]
  • Securing investment in the region's infrastructure and other project priorities
High-Value Industries[6410KB]
  • Supporting high value industries to expand activities, job opportunities and connectivity to markets and supply chains
  • Promoting cross-sector collaboration and engagement on key initiatives and projects
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, research and digital connectivity
Local-to-Global Connections[1545KB]
  • Positioning the Sunshine Coast in key national and global markets
  • Supporting local businesses to respond and adapt to market change and opportunity
Investment in Talent and Skills[1846KB]
  • Developing, attracting and retaining a suitably skilled workforce
  • A regional education and training offering that aligns to the demands of the changing economy

The REDS Implementation Plan 2019-2023 outlines the full list of actions under each REDS Pathway.

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Sunshine Coast Council would like to thank the signatories and partners of the Regional Economic Development Strategy and acknowledge the valuable contribution they have made to the implementation of the REDS and the continued growth of the Sunshine Coast economy. The list of partners can be found in the Implementation Plan 2019-2023.