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The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most dynamic locations for new food and agribusiness investment.

Not just food production and manufacturing, the sector now also includes a creative selection of more than 20 craft breweries and distilleries.

Located just over an hour’s drive from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast has a new international airport runway plus easy access to ports, Brisbane Airport, major road networks and rail.

Demand for local niche artisan produce continues to grow from Asian markets, particularly with the advent of Free Trade Agreements with Japan, China and Korea.

Brouhaha Brewery

Brouhaha Brewery is a perfect example of how local businesses are helping the Sunshine Coast become Australia’s number one sustainable region, whilst demonstrating innovation at its best. The company operates under an ethos of minimal waste, minimal mileage and minimal intervention.

A table with food from Brouhaha

Food innovation at it's finest

The Australian Government’s Food Innovation Australia agency included Brouhaha Brewery in its latest innovations showcase magazine.

“Nothing is overlooked at Brouhaha. Spent grain from the brewery is collected and fed to local wagyu cattle.

That same cattle ends up on the table at Brouhaha restaurant … a local baker incorporates brewery by-products into the restaurant’s signature sourdough and the chefs prioritise local producers on their seasonal menu, ensuring the majority of ingredients are sourced within 20km of the brewpub.

Other local partnerships have created products from unexpected pairings including gelatos and sorbets with beer as an ingredient and sour beer brews that use natural yoghurt cultures.

Working with local craft beer tour operators has seen development of a Farm to Fork tour that gives guests a hands-on, behind-the-scenes look at the some of these local farms and businesses, culminating in a four-course meal showcasing local produce and, of course, Brouhaha’s craft beer.

The Brouhaha story is testament to the strength of a collaborative local economy approach, putting regional industry on the map, fostering local employment and showcasing local business.”

By collaborating with other Sunshine Coast growers and producers and Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) the Brouhaha team has stayed ahead of the curve to meet its sustainability vision.

A winning combination of location advantages, lower cost doing business, economic resources and government support makes the Sunshine Coast a prime location for food and agribusiness innovators and entrepreneurs.

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