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As days become warmer, many of us switch on the air conditioner without a second thought. However for mines, manufacturers and other industrial organisations a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage heat is essential.

Sunshine Coast based Natural Cool Air takes a holistic approach to cooling by considering all of the variables that impact the air and temperature in a space. The Yandina based business prides itself on smart, sustainable solutions that contribute to a better future.

As a result of their innovative work, Natural Cool Air has secured back to back finalist nominations at the 2021 and 2022 Sunshine Coast Business Awards in the Clean Technology category.

Innovative clean technology

Image: Beau and Dean installing a roof top ventilation

Locals know how to beat the heat

Founded on the Sunshine Coast in 1991, the organisation has evolved from a fan company to an end-to-end heat management technology business under the ownership of Operations Director Dean Frith and Managing Director Beau Frith.

The father-son duo purchased the business in 2009 after working together as luxury boat builders on the Sunshine Coast. Designing spaces that work with nature and integrating systems to operate effectively and efficiently is a constant in their careers.

As a logistics coordinator for the Ironman event, Beau also gained hands-on experience managing people at risk of heat stress in challenging environments.

Eco and economical solutions with big impact

Natural Cool Air is armed with an impressive line of air flow technology. Its product HEATFIT, a heat stress management program, is the real game changer. Using state-of-the-art technology, it measures and maps seven environmental and personal factors that contribute to heat stress, providing organisations with actionable data to manage thermal safety.

Most of the clients Natural Cool Air works with are in heavy industries that have enormous facilities and intensive production lines. To create scalable solutions that will hold up against rising temperatures and energy prices Beau and his team are often left to innovate.

For Sandvik Mining, Natural Cool Air were able to design a system that was powerful enough to lower the internal temperature by seven degrees celcius in five minutes using less than 10 kilowatts of energy. For comparison, an air conditioner would require 470 kilowatts of energy to achieve the same result.

Image: Beau and Dean in their workshop

Climate-positive cooling

Energy efficient cooling has a positive impact on any organisation’s bottom line but it also has profound impacts for the environment. Businesses with lower energy requirements will be able to transition to solar power more easily.

Natural Cool Air also aims to transition to plant based materials like hemp and flax, in order to reduce the use of plastic.

While Natural Cool Air enables organisations to implement climate positive solutions, it also invests business proceeds into initiatives like ocean cleanups, forest regeneration and carbon sequestering that help the environment.

Through its Unsustain this! initiative the company strives to remove one million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

The organisation works with United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and B1G1 Business For Good to influence positive change worldwide.t

The Sunshine Coast’s own heat-smart CBD

The Sunshine Coast may be known for its subtropical climate and 300 days of sunshine, but when it comes to temperature management the region knows how to play it cool.

“Most cities and buildings are not designed for extreme heat,” Beau shares. Trees, ventilation and airflow are sustainable and cost effective tools that can be used to help create a cooler environment.

The Maroochydore CBD project factors in these ideas. Beau says, “It is a brand new city and an amazing opportunity to show the world how to build a city the right way.”

The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest concentrations of clean technology businesses in Australia. The region is the ideal location for clean technology pioneers and innovators with support from Sunshine Coast Council.

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