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Sunshine Coast innovator Freeze Dry Industries has launched a world-first certified organic collagen skincare and supplements range, Organic Collagen Australia. There is no known collagen provider with an organic certification in the global market to date.

Made in Queensland grant helps launch new product

Freeze Dry Industries has made significant advances in freeze dry technology since its inception in 2017.

The organisation has evolved from its start-up status and has invented technology and products that tackle farmed waste.

The business was recently awarded a $450,000 Made in Queensland grant and was recognised for its significant contribution to the Sunshine Coast’s growing food and agribusiness sector.

The grant contributed towards the creation of a new freeze drying system that allows the business to roll out new, niche products from its state-of-the-art factory in Yandina. 

Food and agribusiness innovation

Image: Organic Collagen Australia supplements

Future friendly, 'clean and green'

The innovative business blends futuristic, low energy freeze drying capabilities with processes and partnerships that benefit people, animals and the planet.

Freeze drying is a process that preserves otherwise perishables by freezing the material and then gently extracting the water from it. As a result, the material keeps its natural values but becomes ultra light weight which also makes it more convenient to transport and store.

There are several other benefits the freeze dry process has over other preservation techniques. It does not use any sugar, fat, additives, chemicals or preservatives in the process, so it is often more nutritious than other drying methods.

The company has engineered a system that uses food waste to create nutritious, high value proteins and products that minimise the  environmental impacts of normal manufacturing but also aim to provide nutritious foods and wellness products globally.

“I wanted to create an Australian solution to agricultural waste that could take these materials and turn it into something of real value,” says Michael Buckley, CEO of Freeze Dry Industries and Organic Collagen Australia. “Freeze drying and our Certified Organic process can be a sustainable solution to manage almost any farmed production including fruit, vegetables, animal proteins and aquaculture.”

The technology used by Freeze Dry Industries is low energy which furthers its commitment to eco-friendly food systems. Being Certified Organic means that there is also a commitment right through the supply chain towards animal welfare.

Image: Organic Collogen Australia skincare range

Purpose built on the Sunshine Coast

The idea for the business formed in 2015 when CEO, Michael, was living in Victoria. He chose the Sunshine Coast for the commercial operation because of the location’s natural agribusiness, lifestyle and business benefits.

“When I was looking for a location to set up the business, I wanted somewhere beautiful to live that had connection to a major capital city and international markets,” he shares.

Strategic local partnerships

Access to an educated and talented workforce as well as supportive business networks are two other benefits Michael has found on the Sunshine Coast.

The local Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) has introduced Freeze Dry Industries to a range of highly experienced people in the food and agribusiness industry.

The key partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia ( MLA ) was instrumental to the research and development of the Organic Collagen Australia range. There is potential to develop a more diverse range of products that can be used as ingredients for health care, cosmetics and medical solutions.

Bringing 100% Australian products to international markets

Organic Collagen Australia will launch in the domestic market first but preparations to export the product to USA and Japan are already underway. The proximity of the state-of-the-art factory to the international air and sea freight will support the next phase of growth.

The business plans to maintain all operations in Australia to take advantage of the location benefits of being on the Sunshine Coast and to help keep the local economy strong. Investors who are interested in working with Freeze Dry Industries and Organic Collagen Australia can visit for more information.

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