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Sunshine Coast-based manufacturer Eniquest has beaten several large, international corporations to win a $47.4 million contract with the Australian Defence Force.

The manufacturer plans to expand its factory in Bells Creek and will more than double its team to deliver 1350 diesel generators. The equipment will aid Australia in its military defence, combat, rescue, and recovery operations.

CEO and founder Don Pulver shares, “We are so proud that Eniquest was selected to support the Australian Defence Force. It is a great opportunity that will bring more business and more jobs to the Sunshine Coast.”

Image: Eniquest workshop with military gensets

Building an international reputation

Bringing business back to Australia

Don has a true-blue business philosophy that has guided the operation since its inception in 2003. “We have a passion to bring back a lot of manufacturing that was lost overseas. In this business we’re very much trying to do that,” he states.

In addition to manufacturing, the business is bringing skills back to Australia too – like winding alternators, a process that is typically done offshore.

From research and development, to design and production Eniquest uses Australian resources and skills for its end-to-end process.

The world’s best remote energy products

Eniquests premium quality products have an international reputation for being reliable, durable, and easy to use.

Through rigorous research and development Eniquest were able to design and build high end energy solutions that can withstand the harshest conditions and are used in some of the world’s most remote and rugged locations, including right here in Australia.

Ergon Energy came to Eniquest for a solution that could stand up to the humid, salt-rich air of the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland. The competitor’s product had to be replaced each year, whereas Eniquest products are built for maximum lifespan in formidable environments.

The cost of continually replacing equipment is not just measured in dollars and cents but in the environmental cost associated with manufacturing waste.

A commitment to sustainability

Waste in manufacturing is a huge concern and minimising environmental impact is a top priority for Eniquest.

Not only are the products built to last, minimising landfill, they are often used in conjunction with renewable energy sources in remote locations like mines and telco stations. These areas are not connected to the main energy grid and many operators rely on Eniquest’s diesel generators to power the sites from dusk to dawn or in periods of low sun light for solar generation.

The diesel generator is a highly efficient and effective energy solution. It outputs the greatest amount of energy using the least amount of fuel when compared to its competitors and uses the world’s most fuel efficient engine; which is why such a diverse range of organisations trust it.

Tailored to a range of sectors

Eniquest provides remote energy solutions to organisations in mining, telecommunications, emergency services, commercial and defence. Customers from the defence sector make up about seventy percent of the Eniquest portfolio and Don is confident the opportunity in defence will continue to grow.

Don says, “This is just the beginning. We see ourselves as being a major defence supplier and stamping the footprint as a defence hub on the Sunshine Coast.”

Sunshine Coast defence industry initiative

The Sunshine Coast is an emerging hub for the defence sector. With the Federal Government set to spend $270 billion on defence over the next ten years there is real opportunity for businesses that serve the defence sector to succeed in the region.

Part of the local opportunity lies with the Sunshine Coast Defence Industry Initiative. The network has been set up to help businesses navigate complex industry regulations and connect with important stakeholders.

Eniquest is an active member of the Manufacturing Excellence Forum Sunshine Coast (MEFSC). The MEFSC is a not-for-profit, bringing together regional manufacturing businesses, to learn from each other and manufacturing industry specialists. The MEFSC key support areas include access to grant funding and capital, attracting and retaining key personnel, building a high-performance culture, improving productivity, integrating new technology, and developing business excellence practices. 

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