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A Sunshine Coast clean technology company has launched an Australian first technology empowering chlorine-using industries to secure supply by creating it on site.

Green Chlorine, developed by Warana-based company Aquadex, facilitates a more sustainable, safe and efficient chlorine supply across Australia.

It’s all systems go for the new technology, with the first projects in regional Queensland recently approved and expected to be generating chlorine in 2023.

Aquadex has built a national and international reputation for water management innovation, supplying proven technologies and efficiency-led turnkey solutions for the water, wastewater and renewables sectors.

The cleantech disruptor specialises in the manufacture, distribution and dosing of critical chemicals from decentralised and regionalised Green Manufacturing Hubs. Aquadex’s Green Chlorine leverages this Green Manufacturing Hub technology to create more reliable supplies of chlorine for local users.

Clean technology innovation

Image: CECHLO, electrochemical chlorine generation technology

Solving chlorine manufacture and transport challenges

Some of Australia’s significant users of chlorine are reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications. However, chlorine is typically expensive to produce and hazardous to transport. Green Chlorine solves this problem.

Aquadex Managing Director Scott Barnes says Green Chlorine reduces manufacturing, storage and freight costs associated with chlorine procurement and gives control over supply to users.

“Green Chlorine can service customers both inside and outside the water industry and provides a genuine alternative option for chlorine supply in each region, disrupting an uncompetitive marketplace,” says Mr Barnes.

Aquadex has partnered with De Nora for their electrochemical chlorine generation technology, called CECHLO, to produce chlorine at the Green Manufacturing Hubs. A Green Chlorine plant requires only a small shed and floor space and can be located on any site, including water or wastewater treatment facilities.

The benefits of Green Chlorine

Mr Barnes says that an investment in Green Chlorine facilitates non-regulated income and partnerships for businesses by offering a genuine alternative approach to chlorine supply.

“Green Chlorine allows organisations to diversify their income streams via true local partnerships with other local government, businesses and industry that can utilise locally generated Green Chlorine for their own purposes,” he said.

Promoting circular economy principles

Developed on the Sunshine Coast, the technology uses treated effluent as a key input in the production process, promoting circular economy principles and reducing carbon emissions.

The Sunshine Coast is known as a tech-savvy region with a reputation for innovation that is leading the way in clean technologies and innovations that support a circular economy. The region’s Cleantech sector is valued at $228 million, with Aquadex one of more than 150 clean technology pioneers calling the Sunshine Coast home.

The region’s fast-growing economy and increasing population are generating demand for clean technology solutions, while local innovators are developing world-first technologies that solve today’s environmental challenges.

Mr Brooks said Aquadex’s dedicated research and development facility and specialist team actively partnered with clients to provide the market with industry-leading technologies.

“Aquadex is active in shaping the water industry and currently working with the Water Services Association of Australia, the Australian Water Association and other industry leaders in numerous roles to find alternatives for current technologies,” he said.

“This allows us to give our customers more control, better service and full circle economy benefits.”

As part of the group that were 2018 and 2019 Clean Technology Large Business winners at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards, Aquadex has proven that clean technology can work for councils, utilities and other customers.

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