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With one of the highest concentrations of clean technology businesses in Australia, and the home of the annual Clean Technologies conference (online in 2020), the Sunshine Coast is the ideal location for clean technology pioneers and innovators.


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The Sunshine Coast is leading the way as clean technology innovators

Clean technologies are economically viable products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources.

The clean technologies industry on the Sunshine Coast generates $228 million in economic activity, employs nearly 1,500 people, is a model for sustainability in Australia and is actively supported by Australia’s only dedicated clean technologies business association, Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast.

Clean technologies on the Sunshine Coast include:

Image: Enopte solar power systems

Notable Sunshine Coast cleantech businesses


A $30 million, multi-award winning, building industry products supplier. ROCKCOTE is recognised as a leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative and decorative architectural coatings, environmentally safe paints and energy efficient building systems.

ROCKCOTE’s product range is widely used throughout residential, commercial and industrial construction industries, both in Australia and overseas. By applying lessons learned from nature to business, the company is successfully demonstrating that an environmentally friendly business can also be profitable.

Ozzi Kleen Water and Waste Water Systems

Ozzi Kleen has been designing and building custom-made sewage systems on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 years. The company provides a range of environmentally sustainable waste water treatment solutions for domestic, marine and commercial applications. Ozzi Kleen systems offer an endless supply of treated water which is safe to reuse for gardens and other agricultural purposes.

Ozzi Kleen commercial systems are custom designed and fully transportable, serving large remote communities, work camps and high-density living resorts. A global leader in sewage treatment, Ozzi Kleen’s products are exported to a number of international markets from the Sunshine Coast.


Enopte is a world leader in the development of innovative commercial and home energy management technologies. With a belief that smart energy begins with smart design, the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre start-up graduate launched its smart renewable battery system, Auzimax 2 in 2016. At the time it was the only battery system on the market with 24/7 reporting of internal cell information.

True to its intention to develop a customisable energy solution, the company has now released the game-changing ENOPTE Power Station. This fully integrated battery storage system is suitable for hybrid or off-grid solar power systems in homes and businesses, enabling solar power to be effectively stored and reliably delivered, optimising energy use and reducing costs.

“The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic base to develop a cleantech business. From the time we started at the Innovation Centre to our migration to the Coolum Beach industrial zone, the support we’ve had from local industry and council has been terrific,” said ENOPTE CEO, Mark Leckenby.

Become part of a region leading in clean technologies

Representing 150 businesses and countless world-leading innovations, clean technologies is a $228 million industry on the Sunshine Coast. By moving or expanding to the Sunshine Coast, clean technologies businesses can collaborate with other cleantech pioneers and be part of Australia’s only dedicated clean technologies association.

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