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There has never been a more exciting time to be in business on the Sunshine Coast.

In particular, outstanding physical and digital connections are now in place, with the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network and a new international runway at the Sunshine Coast Airport.

Detailed planning is also underway for a mass transit solution.

As a place to live and work, the Sunshine Coast really is an unbeatable location.

In January 2022, the Sunshine Coast was announced as the #1 most loved destination on the planet, according to the inaugural Tourism Sentiment Index.

A new greenfield city centre is being built from the ground up, designed especially for the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

A diverse range of growth industries are boosting employment and contributing to an increasing gross regional product.

Major public and private investment continues to add to the capability of the region, bringing capital city infrastructure to a much loved and envied lifestyle region.

Sunshine Coast Council is driving sustainable growth through its Regional Economic Development Strategy. Key goals include nurturing high value industries, expanding employment opportunities, increasing income levels and growing the value of exports.

Whether your business is establishing, expanding or relocating, now is the time to consider the opportunities available on the Sunshine Coast.

Mark Jamieson

Mayor, Sunshine Coast Council