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The smart place for living and learning

A world-class education sector, outstanding research facilities and a reputation for innovation makes the Sunshine Coast the smart place for education and research investment.

The Sunshine Coast has an award-winning university, a growing international education market, extensive vocational education and training facilities and a high performing school system.

The education and research sector is predicted to become the region’s second largest employer by 2033 and is a key driver of economic growth.

Why the Sunshine Coast?

Major capital investments will drive demand for a highly skilled and educated workforce across all of the region’s high value industries.

Demand for education industry services by Sunshine Coast residents is predicted to grow by up to 50% between 2013 and 2033.

Sunshine Coast education investment opportunities

Image: University of the Sunshine Coast campus

“The Sunshine Coast is a naturally inspiring environment for students to live, learn and kick-start their future. Our region has leading edge facilities that inspire learning today and leading tomorrow, providing students with the opportunity to learn transferable high value skills they can deploy in a global economy.”

– Tracey Coobula, Manager, Study Sunshine Coast

Future proofing our next generation

Exciting new opportunities are available to help and connect students on their technology and innovation journey. A range of programs and events designed for school and university students provide opportunities to learn new skills in innovation, coding, robotics and entrepreneurship.

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Future proofing our next generation

A continued investment in talent and skills is giving Sunshine Coast’s emerging workforce a competitive edge in the global marketplace. $300m Education infrastructure 100+ Training

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