Growing Economy
  • Last updated:
  • 15 May 2022

Strong economic foundations

The Sunshine Coast economy has outpaced most of the regional economies in the country in terms of growth over the last 15 years (NIEIR, 2018). The economy is anticipated to grow in a strong and sustainable manner over the next 20 years to reach A$33 billion in 2033, accompanied by an increase in knowledge-based jobs, exports and household income.  

A$18.5 billion economy  4.2% average annual growth since 2004 Exceeded growth of national economy by 1.3% A$33 billion economy by 2033
 9th largest government in Australia 319,922 population(2018) +198,000 residents by 2041 Almost 25,000 extra jobs since 2013

The Sunshine Coast’s economy continues to evolve into a modern, ‘smart’ economy based on sound growth across numerous high valued and knowledge-based sectors including professional business services, innovative manufacturing and numerous high-tech start-ups.

The strength of the regional economy is based in its diversity and strength across a number of key sectors including healthcare, education, finance and professional business services.

The latest Sunshine Coast Business Confidence Survey reflects the continuing, sustained positive outlook of the 31,695 businesses registered on the Coast (ABS, 2019), demonstrating increasing confidence trends over time since 2009, and the high degree of confidence in current and future economic growth in the region (Boardroom Business, 2018).

Regional Economic Development Strategy

Sunshine Coast - The Natural Advantage: Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 outlines a comprehensive agenda to improve the resilience and strength of the regional economy and position the Sunshine Coast as one of Australia’s leading city regions

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