The new Maroochydore city centre
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Maroochydore City Centre
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jul 2018

The Maroochydore City Centre in the heart of the Sunshine Coast is the ideal location for companies seeking CBD offices in one of Australia's fastest growing regions.

Declared a Priority Development Area by the Queensland Government, the Maroochydore City Centre is expected to service a wider catchment of over two million people by 2030.

Smart technology is being embedded throughout the Maroochydore City site with city-wide smart signage, Wi-fi, real time transport information, movement sensors, smart lighting in public places and access to a high speed, fibre optic digital network providing internet speeds equivalent to Australia’s fastest.

The new Maroochydore City centre will create an energetic commercial and city lifestyle with night life, event venues, al fresco dining, boulevard shopping, urban recreation, community facilities and water’s edge experiences. 

The climate and existing natural assets of the Sunshine Coast have informed the city centre design, with 40 percent of the site to be waterways and parks.

Maroochydore City centre will be serviced by frequent and reliable public transport, with a transit plaza in the CBD catering for all modes of commuting and providing direct access to business, retail, dining and residential precincts.

This unparalleled development represents a region coming of age, attracting a new wave of residents, businesses and skilled workers who enjoy having first class facilities on their doorstep.

Located just one hour from the Queensland capital, 10 minutes from the Sunshine Coast airport and five minutes from world-class beaches, Maroochydore City centre will feature:

  • prime commercial office space
  • exclusive retail
  • fine dining
  • entertainment facilities
  • new waterways
  • interconnected open space
  • recreational spaces
  • a premium hotel
  • an entertainment, convention and exhibition centre.

The development scheme for the Maroochydore City centre offers business and investors:

  • 150,000m2 commercial Gross floor area
  • 65,000m2 retail Gross floor area
  • 2,000 residential apartments.

Lots in the first stage of the Maroochydore City centre will be released to market in 2016 with a mix of commercial, retail and residential development opportunities.

Hotel, Entertainment, Convention and Exhibition Precinct

One of the early precincts to become available in the Maroochydore City centre will be a 3.2 hectare site offering a signature development opportunity for a premium hotel/resort and entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities, with commercial, residential and retail development entitlements. 

The development scheme provides for a 250 room hotel plus 100 residential apartments and 15,000m² of retail Gross Floor Area. With no maximum building height specified for the site, the hotel will be a landmark building in the Maroochydore City Centre and its most prominent feature.

Hotel visitors and guests will enjoy easy access to a wide range of dining and entertainment options, boutique shopping, professional services and community facilities in the new city centre.

Proposals for this precinct will be sought through a staged commercial tender process.

Project snapshot

  • 53 hectare site planned for development over 20 years 
  • 40% of the site to be parks and waterways 
  • Declared a Priority Development area by the Queensland Government 
  • Development scheme approved and in place
  • Streamlined development assessment process and no third party appeals for development, consistent with the Maroochydore Priority Development Area Development Scheme.

Investment opportunities

Lots in Stage 1 will be released to the market in 2016 offering:

  • 36,000m2 Gross floor area for commercial uses

  • 22,000m2 Gross floor area for retail uses

  • 450 residential apartments

Contact for investment enquiries

Project Director
SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd
Phone: +617 5452 7274