Sports Training on the Coast
  • Last updated:
  • 06 Jul 2016

The Sunshine Coast is a natural sporting amphitheater with an active and healthy populace offering opporunities for investment for sporting businesses and infrastructure. We’re home to a large and diverse range of high profile, local, national and international events that enjoy an enviable reputation for success and participation.

The Sunshine Coast also regularly hosts national and international sporting teams that use the high quality facilities, the climate, the local professional expertise and the natural assets for training and recuperation. Jetts Fitness the largest gym franchise in Australia maintains their Head Office in Mooloolababa and one of the world’s largest triatholon events mangers, Ironman, operates from the Sunshine Coast.

In addition, the University of the Sunshine Coast is the only University in Australia to be accredited by the Australian Institute of Sport. The Sunshine Coast also has the highest proportion of bike shops to residents in Australia and the lowest obesity rate in Australia. Sporting related businesses are welcome on the Sunshine coast and there are vast opportunities and potential for growth within the industry.

Key Facts

  • Preferred high performance training destination for elite athletes and teams
  • Home to over 50 major national / international sporting events
  • World class sporting infrastructure
  • Highly skilled educated workforce
  • Lowest obesity rate in Queensland
  • Queensland has the lowest payroll tax rate of any state or territory in Australia
  • Commercial office accommodation leasing costs up to 58% lower than Brisbane CBD
  • Highly desirable holiday destination

Case studies

Ironman Asia-Pacific

Our company has been running events on the coast for over 30 years and now base our headquarters in the region. In that time we have grown from a handful of athletes to tens of thousands producing over 40 million dollars in economic impact each year for the region and an international reach through our media outlets. The surrounding industry has grown in unison and the coast is producing at a truly international level.

Geoff Myer | Chief Executive Officer Ironman Asia-Pacific

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness

We decided to base the Jetts Fitness International Headquarters right here on the Sunshine Coast for many reasons; it’s a world class destination for our partners and team, it is a hotpot of talent, and the Coast has such a progressive, active community with so many opportunities for growth.

Brendon Levenson | Founding Director Jetts 24 Hour Fitness