• Last updated:
  • 27 Mar 2020

Many businesses are having to change the way they do business, with more outlets going online, using video for meetings and offering delivery. There are many new skills businesses owners and staff are having to learn quickly and many situations such as new HR and financial situations some business owners have not had to deal with before.

CCIQ has compiled a guide to help you manage your workforce during the pandemic. It covers your obligations as an employer, how to work from home, scaling down or shutting down as well as FAQs and more. 

Below we have gathered together some useful resources to help you and your staff up-skill, save you some time and assist you to get back to work or start your business recovery as soon as possible and as easily and stress-free as is possible at this unprecedented time.

If you know of other great resources, please let us know.

 If you are looking for some new ways to keep in touch with colleagues from home and to be able to work productively why not try some of these ideas.

  • CCIQ has curated a list of free resources and discounted rates from software providers designed to help small businesses during the outbreak.

  • The US Chamber suggests:
  • Future Learn has collated some additional useful tools to help you and your staff work remotely as well, so check them out. 

CCIQ has gathered together some useful workplace policies and templates to save you time on writing your own or searching around for the best ones.