Implementation Report Card 2013-2018

Since the development of the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 (REDS) the Sunshine Coast has undergone a period of noticeable growth and change.

The REDS was developed in partnership with Sunshine Coast Regional Council, the State Government, the University of the Sunshine Coast and key local business and industry partners, to guide and facilitate economic development and activities in the region. Fundamentally, the REDS provides a clearly articulated strategy for the transformation of the region’s economy over 20 years, focussing on:

  • Lifting the identity of the Sunshine Coast as an ideal investment and business location
  • Delivering significant capital investment in region shaping infrastructure projects
  • Expanding and growing the mix of enduring employment opportunities in high-value industries
  • Driving greater connectivity between the Sunshine Coast economy and business community with national and global markets
  • Strengthening the ongoing investment and focus on talent and skills to provide the labour force pipeline that the region’s new economy will require.

The REDS includes four aspirational goals for the region’s economy over twenty years until 2033.

This report has been produced to highlight achievements in the first five year implementation plan as at 2017, recognising that the first five year reporting period concludes on 30 June 2018.

Download and read the REDS Implementation Report Card[9604KB].